• 03:59:26 pm on August 16, 2006 | 0

    It was the summer of 2006 when we met Eddy in his garden; he was and possibly still is a tiny fluorescent green spider; he had a way of showing himself at the most suspicious moments, when time itself seemed to us malleable and strange.

    Eddy had a penchant for jumping from finger to finger, from arm to arm, perhaps reliving the jump from drifting in the space-time continuum into our own little plot of it.

    He looked something like this:

    (Imagine here, if you will, a picture that, perhaps only in my imagination, I was unable to take: the subject was tiny, and wouldn’t stay still, and all around me was a lulling sense of slow rightness.

    The picture is slightly out of focus despite the digital camera’s autofocus function, and right in the center is a blur of bright green, round, short-legged, with four black shiny buttonlike spots ringed in white.

    Eddy would have seemed to be smiling, camera-shy though he may be. He’s too cheerful for it not to show.)

    It has been a long time since last we said hi, and we realize we haven’t been very good friends to him. This is me making up for it, in a way. I am sure he’d love the mention, wherever, whenever, he may be right now.

    We do not have a good record with pets, though: Kipper was fine for a while, but last time we checked he was gone. Ascended or descended, we have no idea, except that cats probably have different afterlives (undeaths?) from our own.


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