• 07:40:38 am on November 4, 2007 | 0

    Well, let’s see how this’ll turn out, shall we?

    Yesterday was a good day, if pretty spend-y.

    Met up in the morning, and got to try bagels for the first time. (Haha, I know, right?) Whole wheat bagels from French Baker. We would’ve gotten some cream cheese to go with them, but we’re cheap, so we just got a package of those single-serving butter containers they serve with pancakes and the like.  We really liked how chewy the bagels were, and the flavor and texture of the whole wheat. The butter wasn’t really necessary, but was nice nonetheless. We were thinking of having coffee, but figured that we were planning to try Seattle’s Best Coffee in the afternoon anyway, so.

    Then met up with Anthony and the others for his belated birthday treat. Had lunch at Bubba Gump’s, where the servers are all hyper, for some strange reason. The food was good, yeah, if a bit pricey, like you would expect.

    The dish with the assorted shrimp things seemed particularly overpriced. Only one or two varieties were really that good, anyway. The shrimp that came with the popcorn shrimp was okay, though. Southern Fried Chicken was nothing special (although by the time we had gotten to it it wasn’t even warm anymore, so), but was decent. The “stuffed” shrimp was falsely advertised, or maybe we read the menu wrong, but we got the impression that it was the shrimp that was going to be stuffed with crab. However, in actuality the shrimps were just sort of stuffed into these crab meatballs.

    Their lemonade was good, though, but cost about a hundred or more per glass. All in all, Bubba Gump’s is a place you should visit only when you have the spending power to burn.

    (The sort of hidden room where we were seated was nice, though. It was a small space, with room for only about four tables, and decorated in a different way from the rest of the restaurant, it was like a room in a house from Forrest Gump’s childhood context.)

    We were supposed to meet up with AD and the others to pay for and get our tickets for Into the Woods at 3 pm, but apparently Arvin wasn’t able to leave for Manila from Tagaytay until around 1 pm, so they told us to be there at 5 pm instead. So we took the opportunity to try Seattle’s Best out. (I had, on impulse, taken a cup out from the SM North branch one morning before, and was given this card thing where if you buy 20 drinks in all you get some promotional goodies. Not that we were planning to actually fulfill the thing, but still. Anyway, there is a point here.)

    We ended up getting the same things that we did when we visited Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf some time before. Jeanne got a medium cup of their brewed coffee of the day, and I got a large cappuccino. Truth be told, we can’t really tell yet whether they have better coffee than, say, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but to us it seemed their coffee’s on the same level, at least. The different bean used this time of course yielded some difference in flavor, but in general the quality seems to be the same. Part of what you pay for is the ambiance, anyway, and the couch seats. Hehe.

    Sort of a problem was when my cappuccino became too milky about half of the way through. We figured that maybe I should have stirred my coffee? But I didn’t feel like disturbing that nice layer of foamed milk at the top, so. We’re thinking that I might have been sipping more from the bottom layer of espresso than from the milk layer at first, causing the proportions to go off further into the drink. Maybe next time I’ll have them add a shot of espresso to my cappuccino, and see what happens.

    Also, discovered that, personally, milk is okay with coffee as long as I don’t add any sugar. That is, the coffee flavor doesn’t get too overwhelmed, and the creaminess is nice, of course.

    Jeanne owed me, and we’d decided to have dinner somewhere decent.  After meeting up with AD and Arvin and sorting the ticket business out (we have tickets for the 24th now!), we walked around The Block to look for a nice place to try. We didn’t feel confident enough to try the shabu shabu place (must find out whether you’re expected to cook your own food there, or if they just cook it in front of you), and none of the other places really appealed, except for Tender Bob’s, this steak place. We’d been talking about trying steak out, so there we went.

    We felt like trying the ribeye steak that they had for sharing, but they were out of that, so we ordered a T-bone steak and a filet mignon, plus a side of onion rings. We had them done medium rare, for we remembered reading somewhere that the flavor of the meat is best at that point, or something. (We don’t really have much of an idea, yet.)

    The onion rings were decent, but we found their batter a bit too thick. Although the onion rings weren’t oily at all, which is a plus. It would turn out that we needn’t have had ordered the onion rings, actually; a steak apiece is a lot of food already! Anyway, so, so-so onion rings.

    Then the steaks came, oh boy. The filet mignon was so tender it was a bit hard to cut. Because it was medium rare, the inside was still pink and quite soft. To my untrained palate it was a bit like having sashimi, because this particular cut didn’t seem to have much fat (i.e., beef flavor), but was really really tender. This is the reason why, I suppose, they wrap a piece of bacon around the meat, to give it a bit more flavor.

    Jeanne’s T-bone steak was less tender, but more flavorful and juicy. I think I’d like that cut better, next time, although the clean taste of the medium rare tenderloin was also quite good.

    Their gravy was okay, but nothing to make you say wow or anything, as was their steak sauce. There are probably better steak places in town, but Tender Bob’s was decent enough for our first real steak dinner.


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