• 02:38:21 pm on September 7, 2008 | 0
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    Destruction is so seductive. I found myself watching this program that came on after Mythbusters the other day, Future Weapons, I think it was called. They were showing off this new unmanned stealth bomber that had the ability to land on aircraft carriers.

    The way they were talking about its features, how advanced the technology was, it was easy to forget about this sleek, sexy machine’s reason for existing.

    The first World War’s defining characteristic was the modern weapons they were able to use at the time. New rifles, tanks, bombs, enabled people to kill other people from afar. You didn’t have to see what they looked like, hear their voices, get spattered by their blood.

    Enter decades of generously funded research dedicated to refining weapons and discovering new ways to kill people more efficiently and you have this machine that can stay within a particular area’s airspace for days without having to refuel and visit massive destruction upon anything you set in its sights. And look, you can control it with your Blackberry.


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