• 08:55:52 pm on September 8, 2008 | 0
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    Three posts to Poetry-Free-for-All! Ulp. Time to post one of my own.

    Dusting off “Seconds”:

    You brush a hand along a spine,
    and the next, and the next, a finger,
    then the next.

    They shiver when they touch your skin,
    murmur of the past, what could have been.

    You inhale, sputter like a fragile flame,
    brush a hand along a spine.
    There was no time, you tell yourself.

    They closed themselves upon you,
    remaining shadows, close.

    You open your eyes, a mouth, a fist;
    you let the darkened air come in.
    A finger, a spine, the next.

    It was too hard to keep them open,
    too hard to let them close.

    You let yourself curl in,
    a hand brush against your spine;
    a finger holds you open, for a moment.


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