• 12:44:21 am on September 10, 2008 | 0
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    Interesting talk today by the director of the Goethe Institut. He talked about Hermann Hesse and the general ideas or themes in his works. Not having a background in Germanistik, he chose instead to talk about the author subjectively. He had a slide show — with literal, old-school slides! — of pictures of his youth and what must’ve been pictures from his travels. Himself a Christian who had close contact with other religions, and with a bit of resemblance to Hesse in his prime to boot, I guess the choice was a no-brainer.
    All in all, it was lovely and insightful. Shame that it must’ve simply gone over most people’s heads, considering what seemed like half the people in attendance weren’t German majors. As for the students that did understand German, I’m not too sure a lot would be inclined to appreciate his abstractions.
    Hesse is probably best discovered during one’s teens, since he’s all about change and experience and finding oneself. And this, I guess, is pretty much why Steppenwolf was so popular in the Sixties, America’s puberty.


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