• 10:05:17 pm on September 11, 2008 | 1
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    Aiyin treated us (Amarra, May, Vernon, Bei, Beth, me) to an early dinner at Gerry’s Grill today. Our food: crispy pata, sisig, chop suey, kilawing tuna, binudbod (adobo flakes). I liked the crispy pata (they added some sort of spice, which Anthony says is nutmeg) and the binudbod the best, and will order them again should the chance arise.

    Then it was off (eventually, after checking out various coffee shops and a brief stay at the Trinoma food court) to the Starbucks at the 2nd floor. I had an iced latte (they didn’t have iced cappuccino unlike Gloria Jean’s, which actually makes more sense since cappuccino is supposed to be defined by the foamed milk which can’t really be translated into an iced version but anyway). Made progress on the studying, had some fun chika-ing.

    Then met up with Kuya Julius and Ate Anne. Had some sylvanas when we picked up some empanadas from Red Ribbon. Whee.

    Then home.



  • oneiros 10:18 pm on September 11, 2008 | # | Reply

    Mmm, sylvanas. When do we try to make sansrival? (Haha, tangent.)

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