• 10:40:19 pm on September 13, 2008 | 0
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    So the 152 exam earlier was easier than expected. But the post-exam celebration/gimik still pushed through, in a sense. There were only five of us, as it would turn out: me, Anthony, Aiyin, Jeremy, and May.

    Had dinner at Sbarro – unexciting baked ziti for me. Then Jeremy had to leave for his home in Las Pinas, but the four of us proceeded to Jack’s Loft, after walking around for a bit.

    Feeling generous, Anthony had whispered earlier in the day that he was up for treating us to a round of cocktails. So we ordered our desserts (chocolate mousse cheesecake for me. REVIEW: the cake had a chocolate mousse layer and a cream/cheese cake layer. Basically, it was of mousse consistency all through out, and I guess they just added cream cheese or something to the bottom layer. It was okay, but I still prefer denser cheese cakes. I wouldn’t be objecting too much, I suppose, had they just called it a mousse and not a cheesecake.), and four cocktails: Black Russian, Long Island, Zombie, Gimlet.

    Chismis about various people, etc. The usual.

    But maybe thirty or so minutes later, after Amarra had nearly finished his drink, he suddenly began complaining about feeling his blood pressure rise, his head hurt, etc. He tried to get to the restroom but returned a short while later saying he couldn’t make it. He then had to go and hurry to a nearby trash can to throw up, with a random person who happened to be sitting close by looking on.

    Man, that Zombie must’ve been something. We had drunk much more than that (at Tagaytay, for instance, multiple Black Label shots), with no effects as adverse as that.

    Pretty soon it was time to leave. Went on our separate ways home: May took a jeep to Philcoa, Aiyin and Amarra shared a taxi to Visayas, I took a taxi home, as well.



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