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    Just got home from Earl’s birthday treat at Circles. Expensive buffet is expensive.

    From the first moment we step into the Makati Shang lobby to the moment we leave, I must confess to a feeling of not-belonging. It didn’t really bother me that much, but it was there.

    In any case, this won’t be too detailed an account, since I’m a little sleepy at the moment and I have an exam in the morning, so:

    Took a taxi with Anthony from the study session for 152. Arrived at Glorietta, wandered around a little since we were 40 minutes early for the meeting time of 7:10 pm. Met up with Joma. Proceeded to Shang.

    Earl wasn’t there yet. We saw Bill (Aboy) and his girlfriend pass by and go into Circles, but we decide to stay in the lobby listening to the music. Eventually we follow them in to see that Jaime (Aboy) is also there.

    Small talk ensues. The most courageous question I ventured was something along the lines of “So why are you guys (they’re all working at banks) doing what you do? What do you feel about yourselves?” Nicky (Bill’s gf) laughs at the audacity, but she answers saying that her course (Management Economics?) really left her no choice.

    Then Earl arrives with Madel (Earl’s college blockmate), and Jaime has to leave for a family affair. The eating commences.

    First impressions: the buffet is rather intimidating, especially to someone like me who’s not that well-versed in etiquette and fine manners. Multiple spoons, forks, knives on the table. Strange, rich, exotic foodstuffs.

    There was a seafood station with sushi, sashimi, shellfish, etc. And even baby octopuses, I heard, but I personally didn’t get to try any because they had run out by the time I got around to deciding to try one.

    There was a meat/main course station with a huge prime rib slab being cut expertly by a foreign chef, pasta, pizza, chowder, a beef, pork, and a chicken dish.

    There was an Indian/pan-Asian station with paneer, chana masala, roti canai, tandoori chicken and pork, various dimsum.

    There was a European station with bread, cheeses, and various cured meats and fish. I only tried two cheeses; they were rather strong and weren’t at all as… accessible, I guess, as I expected. Haha.

    Then of course there was a dessert station, which seemed to be the best/most popular of the lot. There was dark/semisweet chocolate pudding, which was great and chocolate-y in the good sense of the word. Not too sweet. There was a chocolate fountain as seems to be requisite these days, but the dipping chocolate was too sweet, although they did have marshmallows, soft cookies, melon pieces, apricots, dates and uh plums or something for dipping. Apricots were surprisingly strong-tasting, almost spicy.

    Desserts I tried: the aforementioned chocolate pudding, creme brulee (so-so, came in small rectangular traylets/saucers), custard/something with a strawberry on top.

    By the time we were all having dessert, we were also all beginning to feel full. And there came a time when we were all just sitting there being full, and only Earl felt like having any more food. This was probably due to the fact that he had a headache for the first part of the meal, and thus was a little delayed – his headache cleared up (and his appetite resumed) only after he took a Biogesic.

    So. Evaluation. Well, I suppose I’d think of going back there again only with a closer set of friends. It’d be fun to be able to really talk, in addition to enjoying the food. That feeling of gauche-ness and not-belonging didn’t help, either.

    But there was indeed a wide variety of food on offer. Too bad I wasn’t familiar yet with a lot of them.


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