• 08:44:51 pm on September 15, 2008 | 1
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    Kuya Julius just got rushed to Makati Med tonight. He was having difficulty breathing, probably due to an attack of high blood pressure – a few weeks ago his BP got as high as 150/*. Scary.

    His job must be pretty stressful, dealing with bigwigs as well as with the logistics of shipping and receiving various shipments. (Some, I suspect, being less than completely legal, or at least facilitated through shady – if widespread – methods.)

    Apart from hoping he gets better soon, I am also suddenly worried about my own future. I’m still overweight, and I might still relapse into hypertension. I should start exercising again.



  • oneiros 8:46 pm on September 15, 2008 | # | Reply

    You really should. *nods*

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