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    More snippets from the same INFP profile (this is about INXPs in general):

    “This is much akin to how INTPs tend to be excellent self-starters when engaged by a task, though non-starters when not-engaged. This is a property of Extroverted Intuition for both types, as we can only be informed of the task through our perceiving function. Since the perceiving function for INPs is extroverted, it must derive from the outside. They may remain stagnant for long periods of time due to their intensely internally focused nature, much unlike ENPs who would pursue the external tasks in a highly energetic fashion.”


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    Currently reading through this long, exhaustive essay on the INFP type: http://infp.globalchatter.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=8182

    I found this Kierkegaard quote quite interesting:

    “There is something missing in my life, and it has to do with my need to understand what I must do, what I must know-except, of course, that a certain amount of knowledge is presupposed in every action. I need to understand my purpose in life, to see what God wants me to do, and this means that I must find a truth which is true for me, that I must find that Idea for which I can live and die. For what would it profit me if I found the so-called ‘objective truth’, if I worked through all the systems of philosophy and were able to analyze them and expose their inconsistencies; what would it profit me to develop a political theory and combine all the intricate details of politics into a complete whole, and so construct a world for the exhibition of others but in which I did not live; what would it profit me if I develop the correct interpretation of Christianity in which I resolved all the internal problems, if it had no deeper significance for me and for my life; what would it profit me if truth stood before me cold and naked; indifferent to whether I recognized her or not, creating in me paroxysms of anxiety rather than confident devotion?”

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    Okay, so cheap beers like San Mig Light, Red Horse, Colt 45, and Lone Star Light all taste the same.

    And drinking alone isn’t nearly as fun. But the resulting buzz is still a little worth it.

    Also, chugging the beer amplifies the effect by a lot. Feeling a little dizzy at the moment after chugging a Colt 45 and a Lone Star Light.

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    So there’ve been rumors going around about a case of plagiarism at the NIP. Faculty meetings behind closed doors, that kind of stuff.

    Tonight some basic facts were confirmed: it was someone from Instru working with Dra. Saloma of the MBB, who used a novel, to-be-patented process discovered by the NIMBB without proper citation. Apart from the academic implications, this whole scandal stinks of ego.

    (Dr. Saloma is the head of Instru and the dean of the College of Science. His wife, Dra. Saloma, is also high up in the NIMBB. They are both known to be rather self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing. For instance, Dr. Saloma insists on having his name appended to *all* papers produced by the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory, even those produced by research he hasn’t personally contributed to. It’s attributed to his Japanese training, but still… Dra. Saloma is also known to be quite ornery.)

    Never thought I’d see it happen first hand. Hope the NIP manages to handle this issue with minimum damage to all parties involved.

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    Okay, so four Red Horses are enough to give me a moderate buzz (I accidentally swiped an empty bottle off the table, causing it to crash and shatter rather loudly on the floor), but the effects wore off quite well after a good piss and some chit-chat. Right now, I just feel a little throbbing in the head.

    Drinking is fun. Introverts get to taste having lower inhibitions about talking with people, and in moderate doses it can be quite rewarding.

    Here’s to more fun times in the future (Baguio, I’m looking at you.)!

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    Laziness got the better of me today. Lay down for a few minutes, stupidly, or maybe subconsciously I really wanted to fall asleep. In any case, I was supposed to go exercise, but I woke up at 8 pm.

    Oh well. 5 days is a respectable run. Will resume tomorrow.

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    5 days! Will probably get around to lifting weights using the machine tomorrow.

  • 07:19:11 pm on September 19, 2008 | 0 | # |
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    4th straight day of exercise!

    (Sorry, I’ll take whatever motivation I can get. Hope this sticks!)

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