So there’ve been rumors going around about a case of plagiarism at the NIP. Faculty meetings behind closed doors, that kind of stuff.

Tonight some basic facts were confirmed: it was someone from Instru working with Dra. Saloma of the MBB, who used a novel, to-be-patented process discovered by the NIMBB without proper citation. Apart from the academic implications, this whole scandal stinks of ego.

(Dr. Saloma is the head of Instru and the dean of the College of Science. His wife, Dra. Saloma, is also high up in the NIMBB. They are both known to be rather self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing. For instance, Dr. Saloma insists on having his name appended to *all* papers produced by the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory, even those produced by research he hasn’t personally contributed to. It’s attributed to his Japanese training, but still… Dra. Saloma is also known to be quite ornery.)

Never thought I’d see it happen first hand. Hope the NIP manages to handle this issue with minimum damage to all parties involved.